Things to Know before Visiting Australia! | Australia Guide

Australia is a world of it’s own. The peninsular continent in the southern hemisphere has the best of all terrains to offer. The country has great tourist attraction for it’s sky scraped suburbs stretching into turquoise blue waters. To anyone keen on visiting Australia for the first time, here is a comprehensive basic guide to help you plan your trip.

Getting there

  • Visa

First thing to look after is the visa. A visit to Australia for exploring requires a Tourist Visa. The Visa details and application can be made on An eVisitor Visa or regular Tourist Visa can be obtained from the website with the details on essentials for getting the same.

  • Flights

Australia is pretty much far off from most places, except if you are visiting from South East Asia. A flight to the peninsula will most likely involve hauls and stop overs. The country’s maiden airlines Qantas, will essentially have direct or connecting flights from all popular cities across the globe.


The weather in Australia as opposed to other countries in the Northern Hemisphere runs on an opposite cycle, which means that the end of the year, means start of summer here. This is also one of the driving forces that attracts many people, who are seeking desirable weather conditions.

A perfect getaway for those missing summer in December, Australia’s high season is between December – February. With the country buzzing with activities and festivities, there is lot up for offer. But this also effects the cost, as accommodation can cost you slightly more compared to other times.  Cool, rainy days will greet the ones visiting between June to August.


Australia uses the Australian dollar (AUD) and the currency is symbolized locally as “$”. In relation to $ 1 US Dollar, the Australian Dollar is approx $ 1.32 *( as on 27 Nov 2017 , may vary subject to conditions).

Moving Around

If you prefer moving around on your own, there are several rental car service available. There are popular taxi services also for the ones who would prefer having some one drive them around. Visitors from countries with well-developed long distance rail systems such as Europe and Japan may be surprised by the lack of high-speed, inter-city rail services in Australia. The country has bus services also interconnecting the cities.