10 Breath-taking Beaches in Australia!

Australia is home to many landscapes. But one landscape, that attracts tourists from all over the world are the beaches in Australia. The continent is blessed with 30,000 miles of coastline and hence has plentiful of beaches to offer. Surrounded by the sea on all sides, the Australian peninsula has exotic beaches to offer on the northern, southern, eastern and western side.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 beaches to visit when in Australia.

1. WhiteHaven Beach, Queensland

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The four mile-long, Whitehaven Beach has the purest sand in the world, comprising of 98 percent pure silica which makes it so fine and white it looks like baby powder, fringed by  dazzling azure colored water. The southern end of the beach offers a great avenue for snorkeling. The best views are enjoyed by taking a hike up to Tongue Point lookout during low tide, when the sea and sands swirl and shift to create a brilliant mosaic of white, green, and blue.

2) Turquoise Bay, Western Australia

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The Turquoise Bay is home to around 500 species of fishes, making it excellent for snorkeling. The shallow, warm waters with gentle waves are perfect for swimming. Due to it’s distance, it’s usually unoccupied, rendering the feeling of having the whole beach to yourself.


3) 75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island

True to it’s name, the beach is 75 miles long with grainy sand, and crystal clear waves lashing on the shore. 75 Mile beach stands out from the rest because it has natural Jacuzzis, called Champagne Pools. The striking volcanic formations at the beach are also a key attraction to the beach.

4) Sunshine Coast, Queensland

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With endless beaches, lush rain forests  it’s a place where you will feel like a local from the moment you arrive. A 100 km stretch of pristine coastline offers ample opportunities to it’s visitors for swimming, surfing and boating through the sparkling waters.

5) Cable Beach, Broome

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A very photogenic and scenic beach on the western Australia, Cable Beach is a stretch of 13 mile beach set against the backdrop of red ochre cliffs, and fringed by the dark blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The beach is not very popular and hence not crowded. Taking a camel ride, with the setting sun against the horizon of the sea is an absolute must experience when here.

6) Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

The beach rightly named so for it’s wine shaped curve, has chalky white sand, clear, sapphire-colored waters, and magnificent pink-granite cliffs to complete its rainbow of colors.

7) Palm Cove, Queensland

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To the ones seeking a tropical getaway, Palm cove is the place to go. The standout beauty of the beaches in Tropical North Queensland is that the rainforest meets the reef, literally. You have beautiful shady trees with birds and butterflies right there on the beach with you. There are even some beaches that have lagoons and rivers on them as well.

8) Noosa Main Beach, Queensland

Noosa Main Beach is one of the very few beaches along Australia’s amazing coastline that faces north. This beach is a great option for families that want to relax and stay out of the surf, as it has gentle waves and is patrolled by surf lifesavers. There is plenty to do with restaurants a plenty along the foreshore and Hastings Street running parallel the length of the beach.

9) Burleigh Heads, Goldcoast

The beach enjoys dual popularity with those who like to swim in protected waters and those who love to surf around. The Burleigh Heads National Park a major attraction at the coast doubles the joy with, views of the ocean on the left and a number of walking trails and wildlife to experience.

10) Bondi Beach, Sydney

The Last one is the most popular urban beach.  Bondi is crowded and perpetually packed with tourists. But Sydney’s most famous stretch of sand still remains Australia’s most iconic beach and an essential stop Down Under.  To avoid the crowd, it would be ideal to visit mid-week and experience the waves, warm sand and cool breeze.