Top 7 European Castles to visit!

Europe is known for it’s historic, majestic stone castles that can make anyone feel a part of a royal family or make their fairy tale fantasy come true. European Castles are exquisite structures with jaw dropping backdrops, and are absolute must visit for anyone visiting Europe.

One can travel through time in the castles and get a gist of the lives of the Royals back then. There are plenty such structures all over the landscape of Europe. Here is a list of the top 7 breathtaking castles which are a class apart from the rest

1)  Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

A castle which looks straight out a fairy tale is infact the source of inspiration for Beauty and the Beast. Neuschwanstein is the most popular castle which has more than 1 million visitors per year. Only 14 of the castle’s planned 200 rooms were finished, and they’re impressive with opulent gold leaf, ornate woodcarving, and vibrant murals.

2.) Chambord Castle, France

Europe castle


The Chambord Castle is a fine example of the France Royalty. Built by Francis I in 1519 as hunting lodge was hardly used by the royals. Tourists can visit only 100 rooms of the 440 present in this grandeur structure, out of which a double helix is rumored to have been designed by Leonardo Da Vinci himself.

3) Leeds Castle, United Kingdom

The Leeds Castle looks like straight out of one’s imagination making it a popular European Castle. Built 900 years ago, the castle sits atop two islands in the middle of a lake. The royal estate was opened for tourists only in 1974. Currently, it hosts year-round cultural events, with three restaurants, a bed-and-breakfast, a yew tree maze, and falconry demonstrations.

4.) Prague Castle, Prague

The castle in Prague isn’t just a castle, but a world of it’s own . Prague Castle houses within itself gardens, courtyards, lanes and historic buildings. Hence, it is the largest castle complex in the World at 753,473 square feet( about 7 Football fields). Currently, it is the residence of the head of the state.

5) Pena Palace, Portugal

The UNESCO World Heritage site was built in mid 1800s. The Pena Castle is variably different from the other European Castles.  The novel combination of vibrant colors such as red and yellow make it unique.  The Pena Castle can be visible from Lisbon also.

6) Bojnice Castle, Slovakia

Built in the 12th Century, the Bojnice Castle is now open for exhibiting collection of paintings and other treasures. Night tours by candles are popular way of exploring and visiting the castle. The royal grandeur stands witness for it’s rank of being the most visited castle in Slovakia and popularity as European Castle.

7) Segovia Fortress, Spain

European castle

The Spanish castle in Segovia was built for defense, but little of the original structure remains.  Its soaring round towers above the confluence of two rivers exude perfect fairy tale vibes. Currently being used a splendid museum of gilded halls, exceptional paintings and furniture, and armory for tourists who visit.