Top 7 World’s Most Luxurious Airlines to Travel in 2018

While travelling, the destination is important, but how you get there is also pivotal. Travel begins when you leave your home, and getting to your destination is the first part of your travel. Hence, it’s  crucial that you have a great beginning.

Earlier, simply flying for travelling in itself was a luxury but not any more. In today’s world of advanced development, one has to only imagine and it is brought to reality. From well laid out bed to an en suite bathroom with a shower, airlines are offering every possible amenity in flight.

Travelling has taken a new definition as airlines constantly push boundaries to define and expand luxury on board. The in flight experience offered by these top airlines, that leaves an indelible imprint on the travelers heart.

Here are the most luxuries offered by top airlines,

7) British Airways

The first class cabin on the 787-9 Dream liner is a luxurious option to travel. The cabin features a 23 inch screen offering all round entertainment, a relaxing, comfortable chair that stretches to a straight bed. Passengers are given a sleeping kit including pajamas. The in flight food is also delectable.

6) Qatar Airways

Next, come the First Class seats in Qatar Airways. The first class seat comes with a private enclosure, where one can lie down and tuck in to bed. But, what is a main attraction for many is the sky lounge the airline offers to it’s first class passengers. The curved bar offers drinks and snacks after take off.

5) Air France

The Air France seats are pretty exclusive as only 9 seats are available in First class on the A380. Though, privacy is not stressed as the seats cannot be completely winded from each other. But, the seats stretch out to a bed and are comfortable. Each seat accompanies with Bose headphones for complete enjoyment of the entertainment offered.

4) Qantas Airway

The Qantas airways first class seats offers privacy as the seats can be separated by shutters. The seat is comfortable and is accompanied with different types of toiletries and night kit. The distinguished feature offered is the complimentary preflight pampering at the Aurora Day Spa, which is situated inside the airline’s lounge at their flagship airports.

3) Emirates Airline

Making it to top 3, is the Emirates Airlines, where a First Class ticket from Dubai to NYC will cost you around $9,000. The bathroom offers Bvlgari toiletries and a shower for it’s passengers. Each seat has it’s own personal mini bar for the passenger. And if you are in the mood to socialize, you can always visit the lounge bar for drinks. The night kit offered is by Bulgari. The food offered is delectable and scrumptious.

2) Singapore Airline

The next on the list is Singapore Airlines, where not a seat but an entire suite is offered to it’s passengers. The passengers have a choice of choosing a single seat or a couple’s seat which turns to a double bed. The mattress offered is comfortable and relaxing. The flight offers a lucrative bar, a shower and even spa facilities.

1) Etihad Airways

Etihad airways offers what it calls the “Residence” or the “Apartment”. The seat offers an armchair, bed, and a personal shower. They also have the Etihad Diamond First Class. The passengers are welcomed on board with a Belgian chocolate Gift Box. The food is personalized with the chef taking personal notes from each passenger. The flight has a bar on board as well.

If you have the money, then you can spend it in style by travelling in the most grandeur and luxuries that are available.