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7 Tasty Must Have Indian Street Food in India!

Any country’s local culture and flavor can be truly experienced by the street food there. Indian Street Food is a quick, tasty fast food for the ones on the move. Heavy on flavors and taste, it is also quite filling but light on the pockets. Hence, very popular and always bustling with crowd gathered around stalls with aroma of food and sizzling of pans. Here’s a list of the must have street food in India.

Paani Puri

The most popular street food in India which has different names all over but same shared passion is Paani Puri. Cups called Puris are filled with potato chickpea filling and then dipped in tangy water(Paani) and eaten all at once that crunches in the mouth. If it’s your first time trying, do ask the vendor to tone down the heat a bit. Because, this is the definition of spicy in the Indian cuisine.


Dosa is a popular South Indian Dish consumed mainly for breakfast, but is getting popular all over the country. These savory rice pan crepes are popular not just in the country, but all over the globe. Light on the pocket and heavy on the stomach, it is served with condiments such as Chutney and a Potato Mix.


Momos are the Indian version of the renowned dumplings. A popular favorite snack in North India,  stalls serving Momos can be found almost on every street. With passing time, several renditions of this favourite have been made such as Tandoori Momos, Paneer Tikka Momos etc. The spicy and tangy accompanying sauce with it, makes the filled pouches of goodness hard to resist.


A popular street food around India, Chaat stalls can be found everywhere. The stalls offer a wide array of items, all of which sell like hot buns. Items include Bhel Puri, Sev Puri and Ragda Chaat are names too familiar to all Indians. Pav Bhaji is another famous dish, a pair of bun served hot with a spicy tasty curry of mashed veggies.

Vada Pav

Vada Pav, the Indian burger consists of a bun with stuffed mashed potato filling with dressing of a chutney. Mainly popular in Maharashtra, this popular snack and breakfast item is enjoyed everywhere in India. The popularity of the item is due to the ability to easily carry it and eat it without much ado.



Who doesn’t love good sizzling spiced meat? One of the most scrupmtious street food in India, and also very popular are the Kababs. Grilled to perfection on Tandoor or coals, coated in aromatic spices, one bite is bound to make you want for more. The Kababs are of various kinds such as Seekh Kebab, Tandoori, Gulauti, Reshmi etc.

Pakodas & Samosa

The most popular Indian snack available not only outside, but also prepared at homes are Pakodas and Samosas. These fried fritters have innumerable possibilities with different vegetables dipped in different batters. The most popular are the Potato and Onion fritters. In different parts of India, the local twitched versions of the fritters can be found. Samosa are pouches filled with potato and deep fried, served with chutney and tangy condiment.

The next time in India,  you know what street food to look out for!