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7 Tasty Must Try Street Food in New York! | NYC Street Food Guide

New York is the happening cosmopolitan city where finance meets fashion and entertainment. The city known for it’s fast paced life, where everyone is constantly on the move, street food plays a major role in the city. Carts and Food Trucks dot the city’s streets and can quench one’s hunger at any hour of the day. During major lunch or breakfast hours, queues of people lining up outside these carts and trucks can be seen.

The street food in New York, besides being a great option for it’s city dwellers. is also now gaining attention from tourists for great food at low prices. The variety of food available is vast, but here are a few favorites that have gone popularity over time.

1.) Bagels


One of the most favorite breakfast or brunch options for New Yorkers on the go, Bagel is immensely popular in the city. Consumed on it’s own or as a sandwich, Bagel has been in New York since the late 1800s. Available at almost all local delis or carts, the ring shape with it’s shiny crust is available largely. Most locals agree that a good bagel can only be distinguished when eaten simply as is.

2.) Felafel/Chicken on Rice

Halal Carts resonating the wildly popular Halal Food sensation are all over the city offering affordable, tasty and heavy food for it’s customers. Essentially, rice served with chicken and felafel alongside with veggies that are dressed in a white delicious sauce. The dish is a favourite of many and can be found serving by nummerous carts and trucks.

3.) Pizza

People who live in New York or have lived in New York swear by the Pizza there. The thin crusted pizza topped with marinara sauce sprinkled with heaps of Oregano and a generous serving of Mozzarella, the city has it’s own style of Pizza. Most outlets offering Pizza will serve till late at night, to satisfy any midnight cravings.

4.) Chicken & Waffles

A combination that sounds weird to first timers. Chicken and Waffles does takes one by surprise once they taste it. Fried flavorful chicken served atop a popular breakfast option waffled is a favorite go to option for many and what the city proudly boasts as its own.

5.) Cheesecake

Moving on towards the sweeter things, the cheesecake is New York is also disctinctivly popular for it’s creamy, smooth texture. With nothing but a simple cheese

6.)Hot Dogs

Akin to New York, these fast food option is widely available all around the city. With dressings from garlic to mustard, the choice is plenty.  A round piece of meat wrapped in bread and blanketed in sauce is a quick and tasty treat. With several restaurants offering, once can choose to either sit down in a restaurant or grab one from a street cart.

7.) Kababs

A great tasty go to option for those in a rush, Kababs are also very popular in the city. Skewered variety of meat is grilled in delicious variety of seasonings. The Kebabs are served with different sauces from a mint one to a spicy, tangy sauce, the choices vary from carts.


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