7 Best Must Visit Places In Singapore | Singapore Guide

Singapore is the melting pot of cultures in the Asian Continent. The country may seem small on the map, but is big in terms of it’s attraction for tourists. The country is a blend of many cultures that thrives towards development with diversity. Known for it’s fast paced development that is reflected in the city’s high rise skyline, that city has everything to offer to everyone. From amazing zoo, amusement parks, city landmarks and great places for shopping, there are places to visit for everyone.  Here is a list of must visit places in Singapore.

1.) Singapore Flyer

One of the must visit places in Singapore, the Singapore Flyer is from where you can truly enjoy the city. The Singapore flyer is a 165 m observation wheel, the tallest in Asia. Singapore city’s beautiful skyline can be observed from a bird eye’s view from the flyer.  The flyer offers breath taking views of not just the Singapore skyline but also the Spice Islands of Indonesia and Malaysia’s Straits of Johor.

Besides the views, a trip to the flyer will also provide information on the history and evolution of Singapore. The flights on the Singapore Flyer lasts for 30 minutes and start from morning to late at night. The visitor can choose to visit any time, but if you are lucky to be present during sunset, it is a very memorable scene to present.

2.) Singapore Zoo

An ideal place for the entire family to enjoy, the Singapore Zoo promises an exciting day for it’s visitors. The vast zoo that houses over 300 species offers it’s visitors a chance to get up close and personal with the wild. The Singapore Zoo has a wide array of animals from Giraffes, Zebras, Tigers, Meerkats, Koalas and many more that are maintained in their natural habitat.

A popular experience in the zoo is the ‘Breakfast with Orangutans’ where you get an opportunity to closely observe the feeding of the Orangutans.  There are also other packages such as the Nightlife Safari for a more upclose experience, River Safari and the Bird Park. Visit this fauna rich place at leisure, with 3-4 hours at least and a whole day for getting the best experience.

3.) Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay are a must visit attraction in the city, highly recommended for anyone visiting the city. The garden is divided into three sections, Bay Central Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay South Garden. The gardens have different themes in each section such as, tropical forests, the Orchid which is Singapore’s national flower, etc. It is a great place to rewind and relax amidst nature.

An iconic cluster of futuristic structures called Supertree Grove is designed to perform environmentally sustainable functions. There is also an elevated walkway that gives the breathtaking panoramic view of the gardens. At night the Supertrees are illuminated in colorful lights and are iconic as city’s attraction.The garden has very creative structures such as the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest which baffles it’s visitors.

4.) Universal Studios

The Universal studios is one of the must visit places in Singapore. Located on the Sentosa Island, head to the Family Park for a day filled with fun, joy and excitement. The park brings to life several Hollywood movies to life. Once there, you have an array of choices from restaurants, cafes, shopping areas, and exciting rides to choose from.

The park has several attractions such as Madagascar, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Hollywood etc. There is also ‘Walk of Fame’ where one can get loads of pictures clicked. The Lost world of Dinosaurs is also an interesting attraction that keeps many engaged.

5.) China Town

What if I told you that you could also take a brief tour to China while in Singapore? You can do just that by visiting China Town in Singapore. The area decorated with bright red lanterns and the aromatic smell of authentic Chinese food will take right to China. The destination has tiny stalls and shops selling souvenirs and authentic Chinese products. The place is always bustling and an insight into Chinese influence in Singapore. Another attraction in China Town is the Sri Mariamman Hindu temple and Buddha Tooth Relic temple.

6.) Orchard Road

A one stop for all shopaholics, Orchard Road is a shoppers heaven. The place is famous for shopping enthusiasts. The Orchard Road has 22 malls and 6 departmental stores offering a wide choice from high end brands such as Versace, Louis Vuitton, Gucci to affordable fashion accessories, you can find it all here. The place also has 4 movie theaters including an IMAX and KTV Karaoke to relax and watch a movie amidst all the chaos. There are also several eateries in different cuisines available to dine, watch, shop and enjoy.

7.) Little India & Arab Street

Little India and Arab Street are popular tourist destinations that represent the cultural diversity of Singapore. In contrast the developed city, these areas have small shops and cafes. The restaurants in Little India offer delicious Indian food and an array of shops for exploring. The Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple is the most famous Hindu temple to see here. In the Arab Street there is the historic Sultan Mosque that is a must visit. The area has age old Islamic influenced structures that have a rustic feeling. These too have several delectable eateries that offer Arabian cuisine and have a wide variety of shops.

Singapore is a country with great adventures for it’s visitors. With the a brief list from above of the places to visit in Singapore and the things to do there, there are many more exciting new places and adventures that awaits one in Singapore.

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