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10 Top Most Popular Arabic Food! | Middle Eastern Food

Middle Eastern flavors are no stranger to the world. Tourists are heading to the Middle East not just for it’s rich culture and architectural marvels but also it’s unique tantalizing cuisine. Middle Eastern Food is slowly becoming a prominent part in households all over the world. The fast food has become a common part of the street food in major cities around the world. Here’s a list of popular Middle Eastern food that are must try, that is if you haven’t.


The most popular middle eastern food has to be Hummus. This chickpea dip is turning to be one of the most popular healthy substitute for dips all over the world. Traditionally consumed with pita bread, the creamy mild tasting dip is now also eaten with vegetables or used as a sandwich spread.


The balls of crunchy brown exterior and soft green interior are famous around the world. Felafel are chickpea fritters, that are popular snack items that are consumed stand alone or with sides. Felafel sandwiches with salad and mayonnaise is the a popular way of consuming it. In New York, a popular street food item is Felafel on rice.


Thick cones of meat rotating by a heat source is not just a fascinating sight but also interesting to taste. These popular meat sandwiches are a very popular fast food item not just in Middle East, but are growing it’s popularity all over the world. The uniquely grilled meat, is wrapped in Pita bread, dressed with tangy garlic sauce and crispy french fries. These middle eastern twist on sandwiches are a must try.


Manakeesh is the Middle Eastern version of Pizza. A flat base of dough is topped with Zaata’r (spice) mix and sometimes generouslly covered in cheese. The base is then baked in a traditional oven, till the cheese goldens and dough perfectly cooks. Just like the usual Pizza, this too has several variations of toppings available. Topped with different meats with or without cheese, and other toppings with spinach are also eaten.

Baba Ganoush

Baba Ganous is a creamy eggplant dish made of roasted or grilled eggplant, which is mashed. The eggplant delivers a smoky flavour and is a popular dip or starter, eaten by dipping Pita bread in it.


Dolma is a family of stuffed vegetable dishes common in the Mediterranean cuisine and surrounding regions including the Balkans, the Caucasus, Russia, Central Asia and Middle East. Common vegetables to stuff include tomato, pepper, onion, zucchini, eggplant, and garlic. Meat dolmas are generally served warm, often with tahini or egg-lemon sauce.


Tabbouleh is a Mediterranean version of a Salad. That is consumed on it’s own as a salad or with Pita Bread as a starter. It is s made with cracked wheat (also known as bulgur wheat), mint, parsley and vegetables.

Sheesh Tawook

Sheesh Tawook are succulent pieces of chicken skewered and grilled to perfection. These middle eastern kababs are popular mains served with tangy garlic sauce and fries. Sheesh Tawook are golden cubes of flavorsome chicken that are pretty popular for it’s taste and flavour.


Moving on to the sweeter side, a popular middle eastern dessert is the Baklawa. Crispy, thin layers of filo pasty filled with nuts and dripped with sweet sugar syrup, this is a subtle dessert. It is not an easy to prepare dish, as layering the thin layers of filo is tricky and essential after which it is baked in the oven.  Baklava has growing popularity all over the world.


Another dessert, is a rich, sweet delicacy that has people wanting for more. Kunafa is a pie that is stuffed with cream cheese and dripped in sugar syrup. It is a heavy and rich dessert, that can be pretty satisfying. Over time, there have been several variations of this with flavors like Chocolate Kunafa paving way.