7 Must Have Essentials While Travelling!

Travelling is a passion that many harbor, but to simply set out on an adventure doesn’t guarantee a trip of a lifetime. There are few must have essentials that everyone must carry while travelling. Especially if you haven’t traveled much before, it is always recommended to gather advise and tips before you set out. Here’s a list of must have travel essentials to carry when travelling.

1.) Documents Holder

The most important document while travelling abroad is your Passport. Make sure you have an organized document holder to carry your passport, visa details, cards etc. Keeping the documents together and in one place will help you remember where they all are.

2.) Handy Cash

Always make sure you have sufficient cash bills of the local currency. Your credit card maybe international, but it is advisable to carry a minimum stipend of cash whenever you travel. Keeping cash handy is always useful. But, while getting the currency, do not get all your currency converted to the the country you are travelling, also make sure to keep some bills of your home country for when you return.

3.) Universal Adapter

Travelling to a different country can often having completely different plug points.  Especially to the first time travelers who might not be aware of this, so even if you’ve carried all your chargers and essential appliances they might rendered useless if they cannot be plugged in. Hence, it’s best to carry universal adapter(Preferably 2) to avoid such situations.

4.) Basic First Aid & Medicines

travel essential

When visiting a completely new place, one cannot be too sure of how their body and metabolism will react to the change. Some may quickly adapt to the new place, while other’s may adversely be affected with the change in weather, and change in food habits. Therefore, it’s best to carry digestive aids, pain relievers and over the top diarrhea pills. It’s also a good habit to keep a few band aids handy. These are important travel essentials.

5.) Power Bank

In today’s world, a power bank is common with almost everyone, but it is more so important to carry while travelling. Travelling can bring forth unexpected conditions, such as being on the move for long hours without a stable electric source to charge your phone or tablet, in such situations, the power bank comes to our aid and provides power at all times.

6.) Packaged snacks

A new place with it’s different culture and eating habits may look exciting, but once there it might not suit your palate. Or simply, you might feel hungry, and want to nibble on some snacks at odd hours in such times having packaged snacks with you is a good option. There might be snacks in the snacks bar of the hotel, but it will end up costing you a fortune.

7.) Working Pen

A pen may sound very basic, but is an absolute essential while travelling. One must always have atleast one working pen with them while travelling, which may call for use while filling in forms for immigration and other formalities on arrival or even moving around.